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Consent and relationships

The resources with the theme Consent and relationships aim to emphasize the importance of obtaining mutual consent within any intimate interaction.

The tools also highlight the various characteristics of healthy relationships, while illustrating how consent can be expressed and respected within intimate interactions.

Theory and practice

Consent, or the lack thereof, is the key element shifting any sexual behavior towards what would constitute as sexual violence. This is why it is essential to be aware of the nuances related to navigating boundaries, as well as practice the different ways to ask for, validate and respect consent.

The resources with this tag break down the fundamental components of consent, as well as demonstrate tangible ways to practice consent within relationships. The various tools are offered in different formats, such as videos, texts, infographics, and virtual reality experiences.

Most of the resources selected include positive examples to follow, while some illustrate situations when consent is not respected. These resources are usually accompanied by reflection questions and explore options for reparations after an incidence of sexual violence.

Healthy and unhealthy relationships

The resources offered in this section explore interpersonal dynamics and include tips for recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships. The content also addresses more nuanced characteristics of shared intimacy, while highlighting how violence can manifest within relationships.

This section purposefully includes positive portrayals of healthy relationships, rather than only focusing on toxic interpersonal dynamics.

Some tools in this section can be used to highlight the different manifestations of violent behavior and help others recognize the abuse they may be enduring. In tandem, the resources offer strategies for self-protection and the development of coping mechanisms to help alleviate the long-term effects of violent relationships.

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Approach and expertise

The YWCA is known for its intersectional approach to the prevention of sexual violence. With our expertise in the field, we offer you a selection of relevant resources: current and varied content that helps to raise awareness and take action.

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