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Responses and accompaniment

The Responses and accompaniment category highlights the importance of adequately supporting survivors of sexual violence in ways that help facilitate their healing process.

Some of the resources address the impacts of varying responses to disclosures of sexual violence, as well as relevant accompaniment strategies to help prevent retraumatization.

Accompaniment approaches

Although the goal is to prevent sexual violence altogether, many people continue to experience it. As such, this section offers a variety of resources that explore ways to support and accompany survivors of sexual violence. These resources contain tips and tricks, useful information, accessible vocabulary, and awareness raising techniques relevant to the accompaniment of survivors. Moreover, some resources highlight strategies for adapting one’s intervention approach to specific lived realities.

Helpful and harmful reactions

The reaction of the first person that a survivor of sexual violence confides in can have a significant influence on what happens next. Indeed, research shows that the initial reaction to a disclosure can be fateful in nature. As such, it is essential that we learn the differences between helpful and harmful reactions and understand how to appropriately respond to a disclosure of sexual violence.

In this section, the resources can be used by intervention workers for both the students and staff at any educational institution. The content contains informative activities aimed at developing useful skills regarding how to carefully respond to a disclosure of sexual violence.


Cyberviolence, or violence that takes place via technological platforms, is a form of violence that has grown significantly in recent years and requires complex intervention strategies. As such, this section includes several resources specific to handling instances of cyberviolence. The content addresses cyber bullying, threats, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos and online harassment. The resources are educational in nature, while offering concrete solutions to address the problem.

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Approach and expertise

The YWCA is known for its intersectional approach to the prevention of sexual violence. With our expertise in the field, we offer you a selection of relevant resources: current and varied content that helps to raise awareness and take action.

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Here is a list of organizations and support programs available in Quebec and Canada for immediate or specialized assistance.