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Power dynamics

This theme features content about the various power dynamics at play in the context of sexual violence, both at the individual and systemic levels, to provide a better understanding of the root causes of the problem.

Systems of Oppression

The resources for this theme explore a variety of issues surrounding the hierarchies and systems of oppression that exist in our societies, as well as the relationships between these and the violence perpetrated against people from different groups. A special care has been taken in the selection of content, to ensure that priority is given to tools created by people who are directly concerned by these various dynamics of oppression.

Of the various power dynamics at play when we talk about sexual violence, the most frequently cited in these resources is patriarchy, which is the source of inequalities between men and other people (women, non-binary people, trans people, etc.). However, there are many other power dynamics at the systemic level (heterosexism, racism, ableism, etc.) that legitimize acts of violence against people from different population groups.

The resources featured in this category are ideal both for your own information and for raising awareness among staff and the student community. The material will provide a better understanding of the issues faced by people with diverse backgrounds and experiences related to sexual violence. It can also be used to raise awareness of the challenges faced by various groups of people in relation to oppression. This will allow some of the shortcomings of prevention and intervention strategies to become integrated more effectively in the future.

Abuses of Power

If instead you’re looking for content that addresses power dynamics at the individual level, this theme also includes resources relating to abuses of power. Sextortion, gaslighting and bullying, for example, are all forms of violence that can occur in interpersonal exchanges that involve a power differential.

Male-Dominated Environments

Finally, this category also includes resources that are particularly relevant for use in male-dominated environments. Although the systems in place tend to benefit men, the rigidity of these systems and the stereotypes they are associated with can also have negative repercussions for them. These resources offer an opportunity to discuss the topics of toxic masculinity, masculinity crisis and sexual violence against men, among others.

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Approach and expertise

The YWCA is known for its intersectional approach to the prevention of sexual violence. With our expertise in the field, we offer you a selection of relevant resources: current and varied content that helps to raise awareness and take action.

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