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Rape culture

Understanding the concept of rape culture is essential for effective sexual violence prevention.

While the term “rape culture” paints a fairly clear image, its implications contain a multitude of elements that can obscure its understanding. As such, the resources within this category offer tools that clearly explain the concept of rape culture and what it implies within the lives of everyone, whether they be perpetrators, survivors or witnesses of sexual violence.

Encouraging engaged discussions

Becoming aware of the elements that constitute or perpetuate rape culture is a first step towards dismantling it. Certain resources in this section highlight the impacts of rape culture through the form of personal testimonials. Other resources use different styles of humor to illustrate how rape culture distorts our ways of thinking when confronted with sexual violence.

Overall, several tools in this section can help promote engaged discussions about rape culture within any target audience. The resources are mostly offered in the format of short videos, as this medium allows for more nuanced descriptions of the concept. The audio content and quiz activities found in this section also allow for interactive and dynamic interventions.

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Approach and expertise

The YWCA is known for its intersectional approach to the prevention of sexual violence. With our expertise in the field, we offer you a selection of relevant resources: current and varied content that helps to raise awareness and take action.

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