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Prevalence and impacts

The resources categorized within the Prevalence and impacts theme are particularly useful to better understand the impacts of sexual violence on those who experience it, but also within society as a whole.


This content paints a portrait of the statistics related to sexual violence and highlights how various groups of people are impacted by sexual violence at significantly higher rates.

In the medical world, the term prevalence is often used to refer to the proportion of people within a population who have a particular disease. Here, the epidemic of interest is that of sexual violence.

The term impact encompasses all the consequences, positive, negative or neutral, that occur as a result of an event of violence. These impacts can be short, medium or long term.

Raising awareness and social change

This section contains resources that can be used to raise awareness and inform others about the impacts and prevalence of sexual violence. Most of the resources are in the form of a website or infographic.

Some resources are more relevant for consolidating information, while others can help expand one’s overall knowledge. These resources can also be used to emphasize how sexual violence is much more common than most realize. Ultimately, raising awareness about the impacts and prevalence of sexual violence can help develop overall empathy, and serve as a catalyst for making positive social change.

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Approach and expertise

The YWCA is known for its intersectional approach to the prevention of sexual violence. With our expertise in the field, we offer you a selection of relevant resources: current and varied content that helps to raise awareness and take action.

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Here is a list of organizations and support programs available in Quebec and Canada for immediate or specialized assistance.